Shared Futures, Audio-Visual Romanticism

6 Jul 2017 - From: 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM

Newcastle City Civic Centre
Room Bewick/Dobson, Newcastle Civic Centre,

Shared Futures, Audio-Visual Romanticism


Prof. Ian Haywood – The Sounds of Peterloo: Radical Noise and Political Protest

Andrew Mitchell, independent scholar and poet – A Paradise of Exiles

Dr. Julian North, University of Leicester – Visual Afterlives: Byronic Dickens

Dr. Sarah Wootton, Durham University – Reconfiguring the Romantic Author on Screen

Our panel will showcase innovative developments in teaching and research on British Romantic literature, with a particular focus on the links between Romantic writing, visual culture, sound and performance. Panellists will give short, informal presentations to illustrate how critical understanding of Romantic verse may be enhanced by taking into account visual and auditory media. The panel will cover topics such as radical noise and political protest at Peterloo; the interactions between Byron and Dickens in portraits and illustrations in the 1830s; Austen and Keats on film. It will also include a presentation by the renowned multi-media poet Andrew Mitchell on an original narrative sequence of poems based on the lives of the younger Romantic Poets.

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