Darwin and the Voyage of HMS Beagle

embrace_artsNovember 12 2014 11.30-12.30 sees a return to the Literary Leicester Festival with a performance of Darwin and the Voyage of HMS Beagle which will follow the voyage with music and song, including shanties. Details can be found on the Events page of this site.

Performance of the 300 line Byron narrative at the Literary Leicester Festival in November 2013 is now in three parts on YouTube which can be accessed by the Byron page on this site or via www.youtube.com/wordworthywriting which has all my YouTube readings. This reading has been recommended to both the British Association for Romantic Studies and the International Byron Society.


A short video of the performance is now available on my youtube channel.

Also as a full audio recording of the event (50 minutes) on the Literary Leicester Sound Cloud page.

Click here for full recording.

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