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Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell

Mary Kuper

Mary Kuper

Sara Matthews

Sara Matthews


Katie MacDonald, Anna Litvinenko, Beatriz Rola

Kalea Trio


Keats_with_captionWritten in Water

An Inter-Disciplinary Response to the Life,
Writing and Ideas of John Keats, 1795 -1821


Poetry: Andrew Mitchell
Illustration: Mary Kuper
Dance: Sara Matthews, Director of Dance, Trinity Laban Conservatoire
Kalea Trio: Anna Litvinenko (cello), Beatriz Rola (violin), Katie McDonald (flute)


The full performance lasts approximately 1.5 hours
but can also be performed in a shortened version
and without the dance element if space is restricted
Illustrations are projected during performances


Negotiable: to include; performance, travel and accommodation
A share of receipts optional


Andrew Mitchell

Villa Diodati

Performance at The British Library 30 October 2018

Congratulations on creating the performance of Villa Diodati and offering it to The British Library. Your words brought so many powerful images to mind. The piece is a beautiful and atmospheric blend of ideas and storytelling and I thought the trio were a superb accompaniment and lovely people too.

Jon Fawcett, Head of Events, The British Library

… a fascinating combination of detail and reflection and also a development of the themes of Byron and his party. In addition, I found the language both clear and linguistically strong, and quite possible to follow in performance. The music was a considerable contribution in its own right, as well as underlining and expanding your points, and the illustrations topped the whole performance off – truly multi-media, in the best sense, and one that I suspect would have gone down well in 1816.

Professor Anthony O’Hear, OBE, Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy

This was a formidable recitation you gave us last night. Extraordinarily disciplined. You put most readers of their own poetry to shame. Who wrote the music?…I especially liked the lyrical passages – lilting but with an eerie and unsettling effect. The players too, were most impressive.

Christopher Reid, poet, former Poetry Editor, Faber & Faber Ltd.

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